PC61 Minor Amendments

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PC61 Minor Amendments

Status: Operative

The following operative plan change has been made to the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan and has been incorporated into the Plan.

The purpose of the Plan Change is to make a number of minor amendments and alterations to the provisions of the Plan to:

  • Remove redundant provisions.
  • Provide greater clarity of the existing provisions to improve implementation.

The items subject to this plan change are identified below:

Policy on term of water permits to take and use water

Definition of ‘Family Flat’

Setback from water bodies for reasons other than avoiding flood hazard

Remove references to a ‘Hazard’ Register

Controlled activity rule for development

Clarify that utility provisions apply to ‘requiring authorities’

Subdivision Chapter

Reconcile subdivision standards for Township Residential zone with site density standards

Clarify that building platforms must be free from easements and yard setbacks

Remove reference to section 321 of the Local Government Act

Remove references to compliance with Assessment Matters from the rule relating to controlled and discretionary subdivision activities

Include rules for the damming of water

Subdivisions in the Conservation Zone

Definition of ‘Wineries’

Amend the definition of ‘Home Occupation’ to reflect the intention that it can only be undertaken by a member of the household, plus one additional person.

Include drainage channels in the rules requiring discharge setbacks from water bodies

Earthwork volume limit exemptions in Rural Residential and Central Business Zones

Introduction of rules to enable Garden Maintenance

Zoning Amendment from Township Residential to Deferred Township Residential – Map 131 (Rarangi)

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Operative Date


Public Notice of Decision


Public Notice of Summary of Submissions


Public Notice of Notification