PC62 New Dairy Farms

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PC62 New Dairy Farms

Status: Operative

The following operative plan change has been made to the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan and has been incorporated into the Plan.

The purpose of the proposed plan change is to introduce new objectives, policies, definitions and rules to the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan. The new provisions will introduce consenting requirements for the conversion of land to new dairy farms. The consenting requirements will allow for controls to be put in place through the resource consenting process to manage the effects of new dairy farming on water quality.

The proposed changes have effect from the date of notification, pursuant to Section 86B of the Resource Management Act 1991, as the proposed changes are Section 9 (land use) provisions for which the purpose is to protect water quality.

Key Steps


Operative Date


Public Notice of Decision




Public Notice of Summary of Submissions


Public Notice of Notification