V50 Neighbourhood Business Zone - Springlands

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V50 Neighbourhood Business Zone - Springlands

Status: Operative

The following operative plan change has been made to the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan and has been incorporated into the Plan.

The proposed variation is to extend the Neighbourhood Business Zone at Springlands to provide for the expansion needs of the existing retailers.

The Proposed Variation consists of the following changes to the Plan:

Rezone adjacent land to the west and east of the existing Springlands Neighbourhood Business Centre from Urban Residential 2 Zone to Neighbourhood Business Zone on the planning maps in Volume Three.

  • Include two new policies, under the existing objective in Volume One of the Plan for Neighbourhood Business Zones, in relation to the future expansion of the commercial activities at Springlands.

Volume Two - Chapter 11: Neighbourhood Business Zone

To limit the amount of permitted commercial activities at the Springlands Neighbourhood Business Centre to a total gross floor area (including a new definition) of 5700m2; and

  • To amend the rules for parking, noise and landscaping within the Neighbourhood Business Zone in relation to the future expansion of the Springlands Neighbourhood Business Centre; and
  • To include a new rule to limit the hours of operation and times for service deliveries.

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